Munger Mountain ES - Jackson, Wyoming

Tobin & Associates, P.C. partnered with Dubbe Moulder Architects, Teton County School District No.1, Y2 Consultants, EDA Engineering and the State of Wyoming to design a new 77,000 SF elementary school in Jackson, Wyoming.  The school when complete will have a capacity of 584 students.  Some of the design goals for the project were as follows:

 To create an environment that works well with the educational philosophies the district is utilizing and will be utilizing into the future.  Collaborative space was an important part of this goal and throughout the school there are opportunities for collaborative or group learning to take place. 

Connection to the outdoors - the design provides many opportunities for natural lighting, views to the surrounding landscape and direct connection to outdoor space. 

Sustainability - the design team worked closely with the District in incorprating sustainable strategies into the design.  

The project is currently under construction and is scheduled to be complete August 2018.